Peruvian Pima is prized for its exceptional softness, brilliant luster and durability.  It is the king of all cottons.  One touch is all it takes to show how luxurious the cotton can be.

When Chelsea lost her sight, she became keenly in tune to her senses.  I wanted to find a fabric that would wrap anyone’s dreams in comfort and would depict a feeling of being loved.  The fabric I selected is silky soft.  It is the Cadillac of all cottons.  Owning a pair of pajamas made from these fabrics should be considered an investment, not an expense due to the high-quality textile.  Peruvian Pima is one of the softest and finest cottons in the world.  Sleep with the Angels sleepwear will hold beautifully through years of enthusiastic use with little shrinking and no pilling.  Used together with modal, which is made from beechwood trees, lends itself to a breathable, soft, and more absorbent fabric, making it cool to touch.  

May you Sleep with the Angels and may your dreams be wrapped in comfort.  And remember, when you look good, you feel good.


Please Note:  Sizing tends to run small.  Please order size up.